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Distance Learning

The IKKA Distance Development Program

At the IKKA we first recommend that you study under one of our many qualified instructors, if that is possible, if not we now have the perfect solution for you. Perhaps there is no studio available in your area, or you chose to cross train or augment you training with Kenpo and do not have time of ability to study formally.

Tim Bulot's reference videos are the best available on the Parker System of Kenpo. The production quality combined with the numerous views and explanation of the material makes them very easy to follow and learn from.

Our program is simple:

  • Purchase your DVD set from our web page.
  • Study and learn the required material taught in that DVD.
  • When you are ready, contact International Kenpo Karate Academies headquarters to make arrangements to submit a video of your demonstration of the selected material. You can submit either a DVD by mail or simply upload a private video to you tube and send us the link.
  • You must join of be an existing member of the International Kenpo Karate Academies upon submission of your video. You will also need to apply for the rank in which you are testing. (post links here to membership and rank applications)
  • Your video will be reviewed and suggest corrections, if any, will be sent to you. You may be required to submit another video demonstration the corrected material.
  • Upon approval you will be sent your certificate of rank and you are free to begin the next rank.

It's that easy! We are here to support you and should you have any questions you can easily contact us through this web site.

There is nothing standing between you and your desire to learn and advance in Kenpo. The IKKA is committed to supporting you in your endeavor to enjoy the fascinating art of Kenpo by offering you this convenient, low cost opportunity to learn from the best.

Video Submission:

For you rank we desire to see one technique per category per belt rank, the required form/set as detailed on the video. Further a demonstration of the freestyle/self-defense combinations as detailed on the video. I will be available to explain exactly how this is to be done before you send your video to Mr. Whelan for evaluation.

Mr. Tim Bulot
Mr. Joe Whelan
Mr. Paul Britton

Select one self-defense technique per category of attacks. It there are no techniques in your belt level for a particular category then it is not required. Some belts do not have tackle defenses and multiple attackers do not appear until brown belt.

Weapons Attacks
Multiple Attackers

When you purchase your DVD package you will receive 11 DVDs in 8 cases + plus your IKKA membership packet!


Good morning. I am happy to say that yesterday I received the course, as well as the gift! I immediately opened the first DVD and did a preview. I found it to be professionally produced and of high quality, with easy to understand instruction. There is also a funny thing about the gift. I had previously ordered and received "el negotio" previously, I thoroughly enjoyed it, however it came up missing... my wife and I tore the house up looking for it! Imagine my surprise when I received a HANDSIGNED copy by Tim to replace the old one! I would highly recommend this course to anyone who would like to study American Kenpo as a primary martial art as a beginner, as well as for folks who would like to supplement any previous training in another style.

If you would like to use my endorsement for the website, feel free!

I'm certain we will be in touch.


Robert Dillon- Detective Department of Army Civilian Police

Total cost $249.00 plus $8 shipping and handling: $256

Overseas Only: $249.00 plus $25 shipping and handling: $274