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American Kenpo Belt Progression


EPAK Crest
Parker Kenpo Techniques & Requirements

Yellow Belt:
Delayed Sword, Alternating Maces, Sword of Destruction, Deflecting Hammer, Captured Twigs, The Grasp of Death, Checking the Storm, Mace of Aggression, Attacking Mace, Sword and Hammer

Short Form 1 (Strong Side)

Orange Belt:
Clutching Feathers, Triggered Salute, Dance of Death, Thrusting Salute, Gift of Destruction, Locking Horns, Lone Kimono, Glancing Salute, Five Swords, Buckling Branch, Scraping Hoof, Grip of Death, Crossing Talon, Repeating Mace, Shielding Hammer, Striking Serpents Head, Locked Wing, Obscure Wing, Reversing Mace, Thrusting Prongs, Obscure Sword, Twisted Twig, Rainbow Claw, Crashing Wings

Short Form 1 (Both Sides), Kicking Set 1

Purple Belt:
Twirling Wings, Snapping Twig, Leaping Crane, Swinging Pendulum, Crushing Hammer, Captured Leaves, Evading the Storm, Charging Ram, Parting Wings, Thundering Hammers, Squeezing the Peach, Circling Wing, Calming the Storm, Darting Mace, Hooking Wings, Shield and Sword, Gift in Return, Bow of Compulsion, Obstructing the Storm, Twin Kimono, Sleeper, Spiraling Twig, Cross of Destruction, Flight to Freedom

Long Form 1, Finger Set 1, Coordination Set 1

Blue Belt:
Begging Hands, Thrusting Wedge, Flashing Wings, Hugging Pendulum, Repeated Devastation, Entangled Wing, Defying the Storm, Raking Mace, Snaking Talon, Shield and Mace, Retreating Pendulum, Tripping Arrow, Fallen Cross, Returning Storm, Crossed Twigs, Twist of Fate, Flashing Mace, Gift of Destiny, Wings of Silk, Gripping Talon, Gathering Clouds, Destructive Twings, Broken Ram, Circling the Horizon

Short Form 2, Striking Set 1, Stance Set 1

Green Belt:
Obscure Claws, Encounter with Danger, Circling Destruction, Detour from Doom, Squatting Sacrifice, Escape from Death, Brushing the Storm, Menacing Twirl, Leap from Danger, Circles of Protection, Circle of Doom, Broken Gift, Heavenly Ascent, Capturing the Storm, Conquering Shield, Taming the Mace, Twirling Sacrifice, Cross of Death, Securing the Storm, Intercepting the Ram, Kneel of Compulsion, Clipping the Storm, Glancing Wing, The Back Breaker

Long Form 2, Short Form 3, Coordination Set 2

3rd Brown Belt:
Glancing Spear, Thrust into Darkness, Circling Fans, Rotating Destruction, Falcons of Force, The Bear and the Ram, Raining Lance, Desperate Falcons, Leap of Death, Protecting Fans, Deceptive Panther, Courting the Tiger, Gathering of the Snakes, Glancing Lance, Dominating Circles, Destructive Fans, Unfurling Crane, Grasping Eagles, Parting of the Snakes, Thrusting Lance, Blinding Sacrifice, Snakes of Wisdom, Entwined Lance, Falling Falcon

Long Form 3, Striking Set 2, Stance Set 2

2nd Brown Belt:
Fatal Cross, Twirling Hammers, Defensive Cross, Dance of Darkness, Marriage of the Rams, The Ram and the Eagle, Escape from the Storm, Circling Windmills, Destructive Kneel, Bowing to Buddha, Reversing Circles, Reprimanding the Bears, Circling the Storm, Unfolding the Dark, Unwinding Pendulum, Piercing Lance, Escape from the Darkness, Capturing the Rod, Prance of the Tiger, Broken Rod, Entwined Maces, Defying the Rod, Fatal Deviation, Twisted Rod

Long Form 4, Two man Set

1st Brown Belt:
Orange belt techniques with extensions

Long Form 5, Kicking Set 2

1st Black Belt:
Purple belt techniques with extensions

Staff Set 1 (Optional)

2nd Black Belt:
Blue belt techniques with extensions

Long Form 6, Finger Set 2

3rd Black Belt:
Green belt techniques with extensions

Long Form 7

Tracy Kenpo Crest
Tracy Kenpo Techniques & Requirements

Yellow Belt (Hachikyu) through 5th Black Belt (Godan)
Total Self-Defense Techniques: 381 + 219 variations = 600 techniques and variations
* Total techniques and variations are shown, along with a running total for reference.

Yellow Belt (Hachikyu) 10 + 3 = 13 | Total: 13
Japanese Sword (AB), Chinese Sword (AB), Delayed Sword (AB), Knee of Vengeance, Fang of the Cobra, Twisting Talon (AB), Returning Dragon, Breaking the Sword, Kenpo Shield, Evasion

Orange Belt (Shichikyu) 30 + 42 = 72 | Total: 85
Attacking Circle, Sumo, Japanese Strangle Hold (ABCDE), Blocking the Kick (ABCDE), Headlock (ABC), Crash of the Eagle Part I (ABCDE), Grasping Talon (AB), Tackle Techniques (ABCDE), Dancer (ABCD), Opponent at Sides (ABCD), Passing the HOrizon (AB), Kimono Grab, Lever (ABC), Crashing Elbow (AB), Heel Hook, Bridge (AB), Eagle's Beak (ABC), Front Bearhug (ABCD), Simitar, Breaking the Cross, Aiming the Spear, Raising the Staff, Lowering the Gate (AB), Rocking Elbow, Reverse Hammer - Lock (AB), Anvil (ABCD), Knee LIft, Crane Leep, Driving Elbows (AB), Crossing Guard (AB)

Short Form 1

Purple Belt (Rokkyu) 30 + 32 = 62 | Total: 147
Striking Mace, Crossing Talon (ABC), Circling Elbows, Locking Arm (AB), Windmill Guard (AB), Spiraling Wrist (AB), Crash of the Eagle Part II (ABCDEFGHI), Encircling Arms (ABCD), Rising Elbow, Guarding the Wall, Eagle Pin, Striking Fang (AB), Shackle Break (ABC), Drawbridge (AB), Full Nelson, Kung-Fu Cross, Divided Swords (AB), Gift, Opening Cowl (AB), Slicing Dragon, Ascending to Heaven (ABC), Raising the Sword, Arm Hook (AB), Crossing the Sun (ABC), Attack from the Temple (AB), Bowing to Buddha (AB), Dart, Covering Talon, Wing Break (AB), "U" Punch

Long Form 1, Short Form 2

Blue Belt (Gokyu) 30 + 7 = 37 | Total: 184
Turning the Handle, Bridging the Gap, Advancing Phoenix (AB), 2 Headed Serpent, Reversing Grasp (AB), Reaching for the Moon, Flashing Daggers, Bending the Limb, Warp Arounds (ABCD), Crouching Falcon, Darting Serpent (AB), Silk Wind, Spreading the Leaves, Crossing the Lock, Darkness, Spinning from the Sun, Folding Wings, Vise, Swinging Gate, Stretching the Bow, Arcing Blades, Circle of China, Silent Escape, Returning Viper, Returning Thunder, The Serpent, Broken Staff, Circling Serpent, Chinese "L" Choke, 5 Swords

Long Form 2, Short Form 3

Green Belt (Yonkyu) 30 + 14 = 44 | Total: 228
Snapping the Rod, Turning the Key (AB), The Butterfly (AB), Whirling Warrior (ABC), Flowing Hands, Whirling Blades (ABC), Thrusting Limb (ABC), Crossing Hammers (ABC), 2 Man Swinging Gate (AB), Sweeping Branches, Knee Sweep, Kung-Fu Wrist, Stone Warrior (AB), Praying Mantis, Drums of Manchu, Sowing the Seeds, Flashing Wings, Parting the Waves, Winding Limbs (ABC), Brushing Wind, Thundering Hammers, Checking the Tide, Crossing the Mountain, Whirling Leaves (ABC), Sweeping Wings, Kneeling Tiger, The Lotus, Attacking the Wall (AB), 7 Swords, Reversing Hammers

Long Set 3, Book Set (Panther Set)

3rd Brown Belt (Sankyu) 30 + 14 = 44 | Total: 272
Spinning Hammers, Dance of Death (AB), Leap of Death (ABCD), Miss of the Leap (ABCD), Eagle Claw, Eagle Miss, Foot Rake, Sleeper (AB), Startled Cat (AB), Manchurian Takedown, Shaolin Warrior (ABC), Springing Tiger (AB), Raking the Ground, Slicing Knee, Turning the Rod, Eagle's Talons, Crossing Darts, Bending the Staff, Dropping the Staff, The Escape, Uncovering the Flame, Opening the Fan (AB), Double Blades (ABCD), Clawing Panther, Spear of Jade (ABC), 3 Winds Claw (ABCD), 3 Winds Fist (ABCD), Chinese Cobra, The Phoenix, Retreating Phoenix

Long Form 4, Darkroom Staff

2nd Brown Belt (Nikyu) 30 + 14 = 44 | Total: 326
Hidden Fist (AB), Rocker, Circling the Sun (ABCD), Leveling the Clouds, Plucking a Bird from the Sky, Sleeves of China, Monkey Elbow (AB), Striking Asp (ABC), Shooting Star, Pushing the Circle (ABC), Circles of Grass, Japanese Hands, Waterwheel (AB), Tumbling Clouds (ABC), Rising Kick, Crane Kick, Sweeping Serpent, Covering the Flame (AB), Cobra and the Mongoose, Chinese Junk, Dance of the Mongoose, Offer of Dust, Ming's Sword, Chinese Fan, Locking the Gate, Water Fall, Prance of the Tiger, The Rake, 3 Tongues of the Dragon, Blocking the Sun (AB)

Tiger & Crane, Skylight Staff (Staff Form 2)

1st Brown Belt (Ikkyu) 30 + 18 = 48 | Total: 374
Legions of Ming, Fish Hook, The Sickle, The Dagger (AB), Mantis, Whirling Mantis, Sticks of Satin (AB), Diving Hawk, Advancing Hammers, Sweeping Arm Hook, Snapping Twig, Breaking the Yoke, Prayer of Death, Raising the Shield, Circling the Pagoda (ABC), The Thistle, Passing Wind (ABC), Reversing Wind, Twisting Staves (AB), Guiding the Staff, Cyclone, Double Spear (ABCD), Crossing Swords, Whirling Thorn, The Wedge (ABC), Slashing Cougar, Twisting Knee (ABC), Double Asp (ABCD), Oriental Lever (AB), Parting the Reeds

Long Form 5, Mass Attack A, Mass Attack B

1st Black Belt (Shodan) 30 + 17 = 47 | Total: 421
Chinese Pincers, Crossing Hooks, Turning the Flame (AB), Stopping the Staff, Twisting Vine, Breaking the Staves (AB), Hands of Jade, Spinning Log, Lever of Ming (AB), The Lion (AB), Double Lance (ABCDE), Covering the Moon, Returning Fist (AB), Falling Blades, Dance of the Dragon, Falling hammers, Corckscrew (ABC), The Whip, Winding Elbows (ABCDE), Twisting Serpent, Chopping the Log, Falling Tree (ABC), The Python, Twisting Dragon, Slicing Hands, the Scorpion, Chinese Thumbscrew (AB), 4 Fists, Advancing Dragon, The Lock

Long Form 6, Two Person Set (Both Sides) & with Partner

2nd Black Belt (Nidan) 30 + 21 = 51 | Total: 472
Broom Sweeps (ABCDEFG), Climbing the Stairs, Falcon (AB), The Hawk (AB), Springing Rooster (AB), Flying Dragon (AB), Scissors (AB), Crouching Tiger, Falling Rock (AB), Springing Limb, Falling Monkey, Slashing Dragon, Tibetan Knee, Tibetan Roll, Tail of the Dragon (ABC), Slapping Silk, Twisting Rope, Wrapping the Gift, Double Knot, Hangman, The Leopard's Tail, Following Fist (AB), Hands of Air (AB), Whirlwind (ABC), Disappearing Hand (AB), Chinese Hook (AB), Stick of Death, Betraying Stick, Catching the Cobra, Spinning Fire

Long Form 7, Staff Set 3

3rd Black Belt (Sandan) 30 + 7 = 37 | Total: 509
Sweeping Tiger, Hooking Eagle, Catching the Dragon's Tail, Hands to Heaven, Driving Fist, Chinese Lock, Attack of the Hawk, Leopard's Fist, Chinese Corkscrew, Twisting Cobra, Monkey Fist, Short Wind, Hands of Death, Twisting Leopard (AB), Blocking the Dragon, Circle of Steel, The Attacking Dragon (AB), Stinging Butterfly, Winds from the East (AB), Winds of Destruction (ABC), Slash of steel, Uncoiling Viper, Leaping Monkey, Circle of Fire, Ming's Hammer, Dragon's Whip (AB), White Tiger (AB), Winding Fists, Path of Destruction, Tail of the Cobra

Little Tiger, 8 Point Spear, Sword Set 1, Tam Tui

4th Black Belt (Yodan) 30 + 2 = 32 | Total: 541
Moment of Truth, Sound of Thunder, Path of the Leopard, Crane Wings, Wings of the Hawk, Swords of China, Coiled Hands, Stalking Tiger, Doulbe Mace, The Wheel, The Panther Strikes, the Iron Palm, Floating Hands, Twin Cobras, Japanese Cross, Broken Wing, Hurricane (AB), Chinese Phoenix, Spear of Vengeance, Arc of Steel, Shield of Iron, Kung-Fu Shield, The Steel Circle, Knife of Vengeance, Dying Wind, Stick of Truth, Morning Thunder, Three Tongues of Fire (ABC), Steel Enemy, Riding the Staff

Wong's Shaolin Hand Set, Basic Butterfly, Circular Spear

5th Black Belt (Godan) 41 + 18 = 59 | Total: 600
Sumo, Japanese Strangle hold (F), Headlock (DEF), Crash of the Eagle Part III (ABC), Graphic Talon (C), Dancer (B), Opponent at Sides (EF), Passing Horizon (CD), Kimono Grab (C), Lever (DEF), Knee of Vengeance (B), Two Man Crashing Elbows, Bridge (CD), Front Bearhug (EFGH), Aiming the Spear (BC), Simitar (BC), Raising the Staff (B), Rocking Elbow (B), Anvil (EF), Knee LIft (E), Crane Leap (EF), Crossing Guard (C), Striking Fang (C), Breaking the Sword (B), Attack from the Temple (C), Bowing to Buddha (C), Dart (B), Bridging the Gap (BC), Reversing Grasp (C), Flashing Daggers (B), Bending the Limb (B), Covering Talon (C), Darkness (BC), Folding Wings (B), Arching Blades (B), Five Swords (C), Flowing Hands (B), Whirling Blades (B), Crossing Hammers (B), Thundering Hammers (B), Crossing the Mountain (B)

Kojukenbo Crest
Kojukenbo Techniques & Requirements

White/Yellow Belt:
Palama Set 14: 1

White/Purple Belt:
Grab Arts 1-7, Punch Counters 1-5, Club Counters 1-2, Knife Counters 1-2, Palama Set 14: 2-3

Purple Belt:
Grab Arts 8-15, Punch Counters 6-9, Club Counters 3-4, Knife Counters 3-4, Palama Set 14: 4-7

Blue Belt:
Punch Counters 10-12, Club Counters 5-7, Knife Counters 5-7, 2 Man Attacks 1-2, Palama Set 14: 8-9

Green Belt:
Punch Counters 13-21, Club Counters 8, Knife Counters 8, Palama Set 14: 10-13, 2 Man Attacks 1-5, Alphabets A, B, C

Brown Belt:
Club Counters 9-11, Knife Counters, 9-11, 2 Man Attacks 6-8, Alphabets D, E

Black Belt:
Clube Counters 12-15, Knife Counters 12-15, 3 Man Attack 1, Alphabets F, G